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Aesthetic Injector

Hi! My name is Nichole. I have always been a very artistic person, drawing, sculpting and anything creative I have excelled in. After high school I trained for permanent cosmetic makeup. Something that came naturally to me and something I still love doing to this day. To me filler is used to sculpt the face. To create symmetry and add volume to areas that have lost it over time or may have not had it ever before. The right filler, and the right placement can change the entire structure of one’s face. To be able to do that using a product that is made of hyaluronic acid a substance our bodies already create is something magical. Reflection of light and creating the right shadows on the face is what I strive for when injecting any area of the face. I have always loved the Russian lip technique, a technique I specialize in. This technique is all about the right placement of the filler. The goal is to make the lips look bigger, create a crisp border and avoid protrusion outward. No duck lips !


I truly believe it takes not an artist to love and perform well when it comes to injections and Botox. This profession is all passion. Being able to seeing my clients reactions to the services I am able to provide makes it not feel like a job but more of a hobby. In a perfect world everyone would have a job doing something they love and are passionate about. 

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