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Dry Skin: Totally NOT Fetch

Updated: Feb 14


...which ultimately calls for dry, scaly skin and unflattering self images.

It reminds us of that scene in Mean Girls where all four characters stare longingly into the bedroom mirror FIXATING on every problematic condition with their skin.

Sound familiar?

Don’t be like them.

It’s time to feel comfortable and PROUD of your skin, again!

Because, the truth is, Winter is HARSH on it. However, many of us don’t know that it’s not just the cold temperatures that dry out our skin, but it’s also the heat. Moving from freezing temperatures to a warm environment is a quick change that over time causes for our skin to dry out.

This results in flakiness, itchiness, tightness, red patches, cracks in the skin, and a scaly look. Definitely not #fetch.

It’s all too familiar. We’ve been here before.

But luckily this month’s blog post is designed to help alleviate some of that winter-time stress.

Try some of these AMAZING treatment options:


The Perfect Derma Peel is a type of procedure that helps the appearance and quality of your skin. It’s rather simple- a chemical is applied to your skin that creates a swelling reaction to your skin that allows for you to then peel a layer (or two) off the top of your skin. This exposes a fresh, smooth, and beautiful layer of healthy skin beneath.