I’ve always had a firm belief in the fact people will look as good as they feel. This idea has proven to be true in my own life and experiences and has led me on a journey into the world of beauty and aesthetics. I have been adamant about this path I’ve chosen, and have dedicated my time, effort, and career into helping others feel confident. It started with myself and my persistence in developing a skincare routine to achieve a more ageless and younger looking complexion. In having success with this, I decided there is nothing more I enjoy doing than achieving healthy looking skin for myself and others. I geared my education toward health science and earned a bachelor’s degree in this from Oakland University. I then delved into the world of dermatology and sought job opportunities in the field. After affirming my passion even further, I decided to take the leap and become an esthetician. I am constantly seeking new learning opportunities, certifications, and skill mastery in the world of aesthetics. I am so thankful and grateful to be apart of the Salon2Go family and excited to grow my career.